Thursday, 13 January 2011

Spiced pears chocolate cake

I'm so excited ! This Friday, I'll be going with my mother-in-law to the Canard du Lac Brome (Lake Brome's duck) to buy whole ducks directly from the producer. What are we going to do with all those ducks ? They're going to be slowly and patiently transformed into canard confit ! I'm SO excited !

Duck confit eaten at Guyuk's birthday 

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Bread pudding

What's better than have a sweet bowl of steaming dessert in your hands, when the weather gets colder ?

Maybe knowing that this bowl is made with love AND stale bread that you forgot about on your counter. No spoilage !

Winter is there already !
Gosh, I feel like time goes by so fast ! Just yesterday, I think I remember that the top of one particular tree around where I worked just had started to be yellow-ish... then BOOM ! snow came, with the sub-zero temperatures, along with the end of the year festivities. It has been an awful lot on me. Since I changed departments at my job, I knew christmas would be a busy time, but I never realized it would be THAT busy. I litterally came home some days, and never got around to eat before I crashed and slept until the next day.

We had a birthday to celebrate (Guyuk's uncle), for which I made an almond paste cake, along with some honey-pear icecream. Also, we had a wonderful christmas eve supper with my dad and my in-laws, where I cooked a lamb leg, that we had with fresh diner rolls, roasted winter vegetables and some cranberry sauce I had canned earlier. I got compliments from my mother-in-law about the lamb... wow, was I proud !

The christmas eve table