Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Cream of celery and leek

For those of you who have read my previous post, you know that I had a little tantrum on the food bloging scene and so on. Despite the not soo good start, I still like to write about food and I decided it would be a waste and that I would regret if I just stopped. Anyway, I can't just stop because it's a bit hard, right ? I gotta persever, and learn from my mistakes.

Other news which will make possible more blogging, is that I just got myself a new camera. It broke my budget, but I'll just stop telling myself each time I cook something that it's a shame I can't photograph and share it here.

So, today's post is gonna be about perseverance (and soup !).

Thursday, 2 September 2010

On Hiatus

Hey there everyone. Again, on a streak with lack of updates. There are a few reasons for that:

  • I'm currently working on a website project that is very dear to me. Therefore, little time is currently left to update this blog.
  • Weird work schedules. For some reason, we receive messed up schedules at work, which constantly change (this week, I started at 7, then 8, then 9:45, then 10:30 and tomorrow I'm back at 8:30)
  • Rethinking of the purpose of this blog. I started the blog because I wanted to be read and share some knowledge. However, since I started, only one comment or what-so-ever. Half the people I heard of complained it was in english, the other half apprently know the blog exists, but I don't hear about it.
  • The food / foodie scene got me angry. As most people in the foodie department, you most likely know that if you want traffic on your blog, you have to submit your posts either to FoodGawker or TasteSpotting. FoodGawker has been a total pain in the ass to deal with, which lead to more than 40 submissions, all rejected. I understand the importance of good photography, so I spent time reading and learning about photo, tricks, how to do a good arrangement, ligthing, a small bit of editing... But I'm trying to be a food blogger here and I'm unfortunatly not a professionnal photograph along with a professionnal graphist. Often, I had the feeling that no matter what I submitted, they just would never accept it (I have had the same picture submitted several times, and each time it came back with a different rejection reason... I mean it can't be THAT bad... I've seen pictures on their websites that are really horrible (bad colors, too dark, or just plain uninterresting, no efforts put in decorating or the like)) and each time I see that, I can't help but be depressed about the fact that no matter if the recipes are good or not, all that matters if that you make it look good with fake spot lights, heavy computer editing and a lot of blurring from the camera.
  • Camera. Speaking of which, my camera is out of order at this point. I think I hit it or something, but it means I don't get to photograph anything until I get it either repaired, or that I upgrade to another one.
So, when the blog will resume, I don't know. It may be in french or in english. I have to think about it, and what is important for me.